Wash & Fold

The Two Minute Wash

Leave the dirty work to us! Life is busy, why spend your precious free time doing laundry?? Que our 2 Minute Wash service

Minute 1: Drop off your dirty laundry.
Minute 2: Pick up your freshly washed and folded garments.

We offer a complete wash and fold service with competitive pricing.

Drop Off: $2.00 per lb/Same day; $2.50
Delivery: $2.25 per lb

Delivery and pickup is available on a scheduled basis or as needed.

For customers who bring in a high volume of clothes, we are willing to lower the cost per pound depending on how much is brought in per month.

Delivery Service

Rainbow Laundry MPLS will gladly pick up and drop off your freshly washed, folded, and sealed garments. Our delivery range is roughly 3 miles, if you are outside of the bubble or have any questions, please call us and check.

Come on down to the one stop shop for all your laundering needs.