Laundry is the one chore nobody wants to do. It can be seen as laborious and time-consuming. However, there are strategies you can use to speed up the process to make it less annoying to do. Here are the top five tips for speeding up your laundry.

Sort As You Go

Sorting beforehand can make the effort more laborious than it needs to be. When you pre-sort your laundry, your loads may be inconsistent, which can result in multiple loads. Instead, you should sort your laundry as you do the load. This makes it so you can customize the loads however you want, and you’ll find that you’re cutting back on your total amount of loads you do!

Treat Stains As You Go

As with sorting, you should treat your stains as you go. Going through every piece of clothing to look for a stain is a huge waste of time. Examining your clothes before it goes in the hamper is better than picking out the stained garment before preparing to wash.

Separate Your Laundry Into Lesser Loads

Despite popular belief, when it comes to laundry, less is more. Modern washing machines have been optimized to use less detergent and water when cleaning. You can get away with filling the machine to about ¾ the way before it gets full. This will still do an efficient washing cycle, despite adding more garments. Plus, who doesn’t want to have fewer loads to do?

Don’t Wash As Often

While underwear, socks, t-shirts, and stained clothing should be washed after wear, many articles of clothing don’t need to be washed as frequently. Jeans and other pants can be worn multiple times before ever needing to be washed. You should also perform a “sniff-test” for your garments. If it doesn’t smell, has any visible stains, or wrinkled-beyond repair, why bother washing it? You can always air out the garment over a chair as well to deodorize it. Not everyone will be on board with this tip, as it requires a shift in perception when it comes to washing out clothes. However, over time, you will begin to notice some garments won’t need to be thrown in your hamper after one wear.

Get Into a Routine

Making a schedule for cleaning your clothing will make laundry feel less time-consuming. If you dedicate a day of the week for laundry, you will find it to be less mundane. You will also save yourself from those moments you get out of the shower and realize there is no towel available to dry off with, or when you’re getting ready for the day and find there is no clean underwear in your drawer! Find a day, or multiple days, that work for you and your family, as having routine laundry days is much more efficient than last-minute efforts to clean something.